La Tierra de las Mujeres

Cynthia Cordi | Elia Mervi


Prologue| Anna Boyé, anthropologist

Publisher| Editora Cultural Tierra de Fuego

Language| Spanish

In the ancient times of the Selk'nam people who inhabited Tierra del Fuego, women used the Hain ceremony to prevent men from subjugating them. Until his secret was discovered.


“What the authors show in the text and the illustrations is the love that existed in the transmission of knowledge between Selk'nam women within a wiyicheskaren wikayen... a "circle of love", in the Selk'nam language. Thus, the text and images invite us to reflect on the fact that the Selk'nam people have had and have a wonderful cultural heritage, to share and make us think from the past to the present.”


Margaret Maldonado

Representant of the Selk'nam people


La Tierra de las Mujeres is being printed in Ushuaia, Tierra de Fuego, and will be released on 2023