I was born in Madrid in 1988.

I cursed studies on illustration in art school artediez. In 2012, after the final career project, I leave Spain and moved to The Hague, where I started working as a freelance illustrator.

Since then I have worked on multiple creative art projects, illustrating album covers, film posters, book characters, animations, advertising posters, books...


In 2014 I moved to Portugal where I lived 5 years. There I co-founded the cultural space Casarão da Lua, in Sintra.

In 2018 my first book Preferiría ser amada was published by Nórdica Libros, an anthology of poems, letters and envelope poems of the american poet Emily Dickinson. The book won the National Prize for the best book published in 2018 in Spain, Primer Premio Nacional al mejor libro editado en 2018, categoría divulgación.


I'm mother of two girls and currently I live in Castres, south of France.




Also I'm co-founder of the mural project Mur à deux, a wall art collaborative project, local, along with the cuban artist Jeannine Achon.



I am the founder of the project El Espectro invisible de Medea, about motherhood and creation. The objective of the project is to share the perspective of woman artists who are also mothers. We talk about what means to create and rise our children at the same time and many times same space. We talk about the artworks throughout history that are linked to motherhood, non-motherhood and all the topics/taboos that surround all kind of motherhoods. We also interview artists, create ans share art and save an archive of the life and perspectives of women artists in the history of art who were mothers.




Here a brief cv with my education and the most relevant projects I've work on:


2009-2012| College degree in illustration. Escuela de arte artediez, Madrid

2006-2008| College degree in fashion design. Escuela de arte artedos. Madrid



2018| Degree in Teaching Education, Pedagogías Invisibles. Madrid

2017| Master in Corporal and Artistic Expression in school. Universidad de Nebrija.

2017| Atelier in Waldorf pedagogy. Lisboa





Projects & books


2022| La Tierra de las Mujeres. Tierra de Fuego

An illustrated book inspired on the myth of end of the matriarchy in the selk'nam tribe, from Tierra de Fuego, Argentine. The book will be released in 2023 by Editora Cultural Tierra de Fuego



2019| El Jardín de los Poetas. Cuenca, Spain

Project for the reclamation of the San Gil social center and its transformation and opening as a cultural-artistic center for all kinds of cultural projects.


2018| Preferiría ser amada, Emily Dickinson. Nørdica Libros Publishers. Spain

An illustrated anthology of the poems, letters and envelope poems of the american poet Emily Dickinson.

Nacional Prize for the best book published in 2018,, Premio Nacional mejor libro ilustrado 2018, categoría divulgación.



2016-2018| Casarão da Lua. Cultural Center. Portugal

Artistic and creative director. Co-founder

My work at Casarão da Lua after its foundation in 2016 was the design and supervision of all artistic or informative elements the space needed. Posters of the different activities and workshops, distribution of spaces, mural art, social networks and website design


2016| Creative travel to New York.

During two months I was working in New York City sketching and illustrating the diaries of the argentine poet Alejandra Pizarnik. That book was going to be published by Nórdica Libros, but finally it turns in another book, Preferiría ser amada.

There I had the opportunity to get in touch with american illustrators and publishers.


2015| Quiet Resilience

Project inspired on women in history. 12 portraits that were selected by Illustrative for the german award Young Illustrator Award and exhibited in Berlin in 2015.


2012| Seis Realidades Ilustradas

Final degree project. The project got honors.




Creative work experience as illustrator and designer


2023| Centro Espanol sobre trastorno del espectro del autismo + Ministerio de derechos sociales. Spain.

Layout of informative, educational and legislative guides on people on the autism spectrum.


2021-2022| Regular collaboration with the spanish magazine Mamagazine. Vol II cover, and several portraits and illustrations on each number. +info


2022| Harriet. Sunny Boy Entertainment & Universal Studios. USA

Freelance illustrator.

Creation of the illustrations for the animation included on the movie blu-ray.


2020| La Guerre des cinq rois. Editions Pygmalion.

Character illustrations for a limited edition card game planned to offer in la Fnac France in the release of the new book written by George R.R.Martin


2013-2018| History and Lore, Game of Thrones. Sunny Boy Entertainment & HBO. USA

Freelance illustrator.

Creation of the illustrations for the History & Lore animations included in the blu-ray of the HBO series Game of Thrones. +animations


2013-2018| Journalistic Illustration

-Gonzalo Castro Marquina, journalist, personal web, Spain

-Magazine POLITICO, Belgium

-Magazine The Underground, The Netherlands

-Newspaper 20 Minutos, Spain


2013-2023| Ojos Pirenaicos, Spain

Illustrator and designer from seven years of the posters for the Mycological Festival that is celebrated in Borau, a small village in the Aragon Pyrenees


2014| UBICA-TEA, Spain

Illustrator and designer of the illustrations for UBICA-TEA, a psychological cabinet specialized in Autism Spectrum Disorder


2013| Game of Thrones e-book, USA

Character illustrations for the electronic and interactive version of the novel Game of Thrones by George R.R.Martin


2013| Cooperative Falset Marça, Spain

Illustrations for the labels of the Castell del Falset wine series


2012-2014| Mythgard Institute, USA

Ilustraciones para la divulgación y propaganda de los cursos de escritura de ciencia ficción y fantástica de la escuela de escritura Mythgard Institute


2013-2022| Musical projects. Design of álbum covers

-Nilson Dourado, for the album Silêncio. Portugal-Brazil

-Theodor Bastard, for the album Theodor Bastard. Rusia

-Death in Texas, for the album Pause Between Breaths. UK

-Lindsay Katt, for the musical project The Avant-Gardener. USA

-Hayley Taylor, for the album The Faume. USA


2013-2019| Film projects. Poster ilustrations for long and short films.

-MAMA, by Jesse Stewart. USA

-Mt.Molehill, by Jesse Stewart (short film winner of an Emmy in 2015), USA

-Papercuts, by Kelli Horan. USA

-Wind & Rain, by Kelli Horan. USA

-Acts of God, by Nancy Vaudeville. Australia






2016| Redbubble Residency Program. San Francisco. Winner

2014| Young illustrator Award. Berlín. Finalist






2014| Collective Exhibition ARTEX 2014, The Hague

2013| Collective Exhibition ARTEX 2013, The Hague

2012| Solo Exhibition at La Intrusa, Madrid

2012| Collective exhibition at festival SWSX, San Francisco