Publisher, Nørdica Libros S.L.

Dickinson was weaving a kind of epic based on the glory of the small, the mystery of the everyday, the universality of the domestic and the private, the unsurpassed incomprehensibility of the immediate. The essential things in life happen every day and never we will understand that everything is repeated, that there are cycles and renovation and that in the end everything, so much the near as the remote, remain intact before the successive generations of eyes that know how to scrutinize it, that have always been few, since you would say that you have to born with a special gift to know how to see and say the obvious things.


This book is the second foray Nórdica Libros makes in Emily Dickinson's universe. We together wanted to show the most intimate face, selecting some of her letters, as well as her mysterious written poems in the envelopes of Emily's  correspondence. A book essential to continue discovering the work and the life of the Amherst writer.