elia mervi
The eight doors

Summer 2019 | Artistic-educational Project. Using the art as a tool of education and change

Why the eight doors?

The basis of this project-workshop is inspired by Howard Gardner's theory about the eight intelligences (linguistic, intra personal, interpersonal, corporal-synesthetic, logical-mathematical, naturalistic, musical, spatial) and the importance of developing each of them from the first years of life so that children understand the world more broadly, completely and openly.


This workshop aims to deepen and empower creative intelligence, the eighth intelligence, which in many

cases are not taken as seriously as the rest of the capacities that girls and boys have within themselves.

We use to mold their minds and put them in an 'adult box', thus cutting off the wild and innate creativity that all

children have.


In this workshop we will look from other perspectives, removing filters and opening new doors always in seek of creativity, imagination and fresh perspective through dynamic artistic activities and with illustration

as a tool. Making art something not only essential, but a powerful tool for its development and the way of

face the world and change it.



This particulary workshop is organized for the month of June and July of 2019 in the city of Madrid. I will work in these ideas during two months with three groups of children from different ages, from 6 years old to 16.

At the end of the workshop we will organize a one day exhibition where we can see together all the works that we have done during the two months. We will see the different paths the project has taken in each group ...





True motivation

I always have seen the art as a powerful resource to open a world of opportunities and imagination to children, from the very little ones. They are pure instinct and feel everything the double that we do, and here is where the educator must to act giving the alums all kind of excercices that make them think and feel, art experiences, freedom to create and empower their creativity without fear.


Since I became art-aducator and mother I started to realize this by my self. The little ones are the spark of change, and if we give them art, music and nature they will be prepare to change society in the future or at least, to be a open, empathic and ready to overcome all kind of obstacles.

And for the adults is the same, only we need more time to internalize the intuition of art because we lost it many years ago. But wait, we can recover it!! And that 's the propose of this project. To create the opportunity to recover out art and creativity intuition and for the children don't lose it.