elia mervi
Six Illustrated Realities

2012, Final year project | Escuela de Arte número 10

In 2012 I finished my studies in illustration and graven with a final year project. During 6 months I worked on it being tutoring by one of my teachers, Carmen García Población and then Chelo Cousido.


This project was about one idea, in illustration all is possible. I wanted to play with the idea that all can be represented, all stories, all ideas and how getting out these surreal ideas and make them real by illustrating.

I was a young student back then and it was my first big project but I learned very much. I specially learned about the process of how to catch these ideas, how to make a profound research, how to make thousand drawings and proofs, if it is necessary,  to get what you want.


Well, in my case I had the idea to mix reality with illustration and mix them to tell six stories that speak by themselves.

I saw the photography as 'the reality', painting on the skin of my characters and the illustration as the surreal or impossible elements that only by illustration (and art in general) we can add.

The process to get the final six illustrations was very intense and productive.

The final project was exposed in a school court, obtaining honors for my project.


Complete project (in spanish): Six Illustrated Realities