elia mervi
Quiet Resilience

Young Illustrators Award 2014 | Nomimated Project


I find the world of ‘female creativity’ a warm, powerful womb to get inspired. A place that still is half hidden, we cannot find it in most history books or hear about it in ordinary conversation: It’s not part of most of our conversations. Creativity feature by women is tucked between small words and vague references. It’s not a mainstream, it’s another kind of stream: A quiet, enthusiastic and inexhaustible strength.

There are so many women in our history who have escaped the cage where the woman was ‘tamed’ long centuries ago. Creative women who followed something very simple and real, something that now we have almost forgotten: Their instinct.

I feel totally inspired and enlightened by these women and I want to share with you all their lives, and contribute with my work to ind equality, to stabilize the creative equilibrium. Some of these women are known, some are not. The work of some of them was recognized and admired, others were totally anonymous, and many others remain under a gray veil. But all did dedicated their entire lives to work, to freedom, others have dedicated their lives to art, to think, to built their own way. Others have suffered long and painful births to bring their children to the world, and many of them have fostered peace and beauty. And all of them had lighten from inside and created their own strength.


Quiet resilience is a project in progress. It is the search of these women. The pursuit of the female spirit in all fields.

It is also a tribute to all those who fell into complete forgetfulness, which is impossible to track a story, but their clear footprints were the first step of the way of feminism, freedom and equality that women must walk together hand in hand.



/From the left to the right: Anne Marie Boivin, Camile Claudel, Valentina Tereshkova, Emma Goldman, Virginia Woolf, Vivian Maier, Josefina Manresa, is

Wisława Szymborska, Miriam García Pascual, Paula Becker, Maria Szymanowska and Seraphine Louis.