elia mervi
Empty Rooms

May 2016 | Personal Project

Room 619

'That room could be the one where they met years ago. It could be in the middle of some street, lost in space-time, or drawn in the corner of a sheet forgotten in a notebook, or just in the depths of memory...'


Room 203

'Laura crosses the carpet, of a very dark blue color , towards the reception. This hotel, this vehicle, they constitute exactly what she wants: a serene anonymity. A odorless atmosphere, a dynamic and indifferent comings and goings.'


Room 114

'Sarah...just let the night burn in these ten square meters of time'


Room 39

'Only she knew the color of the interior wall, the curtains, the window frame. Even the different tones that the distant and daily activity had, seen from that window'


Room 16

'In the middle of the night Cristina lay down on the bed. When she closed the eyes, he emerged from between the fog. She was not surprised.

-Klaus, I am dying. I cannot see any more the crack in the space'