elia mervi
Cinco lobitos tiene la loba...

2019 | Artistic-educational Project based on spanish literature and folklore



This artistic and cultural proposal consists on  an illustration workshop for kids inspired by Spanish literature and folklore.


'Art is an educational tool. It is a place of reflection, a place wheregenerates criticism and knowledge.' (Pedagogías Invisibles, Spain)


Howard Gardner speaks in his theory of the eight intelligences about the importance of each of the different ways of understanding and processing the world. Specially in children.

Creative thinking and visual-spatial intelligence are just as important than logical-mathematical or linguistic thinking. We use the brain the same to create a piece of art and to solve a mathematical problem. Understanding that art also has its process, its time, a study and a deepening, not just the quick search for the creation of 'an image pretty'.



The workshop will consist on the reading of a selection of traditional tales from different places in Spain. Then we will focus on the artistic and creative work of illustrating that tale.

The kids will learn different illustration and drawing techniques, artistic expression and ways of bring out their ideas and creativity.


Through different individual and collective dynamic exercises and with illustration and communication as tools the kids will analyze the stories we read, work with the characters, build  questions, reflect on the stories and their meaning. They will use all the space around us not only to draw but to express the creativity through the movement.



Besides the artistic interest, this project has the objetive of divulge the Spanish language and culture in other countries and to rescue traditional stories that soon will be forgotten.



The project will be develop in 2019 in different spanish associations and cultural centers as Instituto Cervantes or La Casa de España in Toulouse, Castres, Lisbon, Cuenca or Barcelona.



Here the complete project in castilian:

As an example, I worked along a small group of kids on this little song that spanish people sing to the babies when they begin to be aware of their fingers and hands.

/Cinco lobitos

tiene la loba.

Cinco lobitos

detrás de la escoba.

Cinco parió,

cinco crió

y a todos ellos

leche les dió/


/Five little cubs

mama wolf has

Five little cubs

behind the broom.

Five she gave birth,

five she raised

and she breastfed

all of them/