elia mervi
CasarĂ£o da Lua

2016-2019 Cultural and Art Center | SINTRA, PORTUGAL

In the fall of 2016 me and a group of local artists and mucissians started a cultutal project in a hamlet situated in a small village in the magic place of Sintra, near Lisbon.

We started of rehabilitating the place, fixing and painting it and creating a creative and usefull space for different activities, workshops and events.


The space was big enough to several people can work at the same time.

Different artists came and share their art, organized regular workshops, ceremonies, exhibitions, concerts....

The space was totally open to new ideas, but the principal objetive was to offer a space where everybody could develop their work and share it, always connected with art, culture, nature, sustainability.


I was a cofounder and worked there for three years as art director. I created all the campaigns to share andannounce the different activities, parties and workshops. I made all the art, logos, wallart,  illustrations, posters and advertising, the web page and all the social network.