elia mervi
Mt. Molehill

2015 ARWorks Productions | USA


In 2015 the director Jesse Stewart commissioned me the illustration poster for his movie 'Mt. Molehill'.

The movie won an Emmy the next year.

The movie tells the story in the 1800s of a young girl who has to traverse the dangerous rocky mountain wilderness to enact revenge upon the grizzly bear responsible for her father's death.



2019 ARWorks Productions | USA

MAMA is a story about a young girl, vagrant and prostitute struggles to survive in the nights of Beijing.

The film has not verbal dialogue but is strongly comunicative. We can feel a deep empathy for her as she represent the role of many different women around the world, she has to overcome sitiation that only women have to.


It was really amazing to work on this project as I get personal with the story and the character.