elia mervi

I was born in 1988 in Madrid.


I cursed studies of illustration in Madrid. When I finished I moved to Den Haag where I started to work as a freelancer. Currently I live in Sintra, Portugal. I work worldwide to different companies and publishers.


My work was selected for the Young Illustrator Award in 2014 and exposed in Berlin.

Also I was invited to join the Residency Program in the Redbubble's artists house in San Francisco.

My first book was released in October 2018, an illustrated anthology of the american poet Emily Dickinson.


In my art I look most of all to make each illustration with true motivation. Feel identified with what I'm illustrating. I collect situations from reality, personal or other people's stories, fragments from  books, characters, landscapes... Parallel worlds, layers in the space-time, dreams...


Elia Mervi
+0034 692924944