In my art I look most of all to make each illustration with true motivation. Feel identified with what I'm illustrating.

Is something intuitive.  I collect fragments of reality, personal or other people's stories, little moments or images of the daily life , books, characters that inspire me to open a door to creativity.

Parallel worlds, layers in the space-time, dreams...


Also I'm really motivated by women throughout history. I'm interested on them intellectual and creative vision. Inspired by the lives of real women who had to fight against different elements at different times to be free and to express themselves no matter what #quietresilience


My primary technique to work is the graphite but the watercolor is the key point of my work, it is the inspiration by itself. The drawing shows you the tangible idea and the watercolor provides the most surreal, intuitive and sensory part of the work. A kind of synesthesia.

Elia Mervi

I was born in 1988 in Madrid.


I paint since I can remember.

In 2008 I began in a school of fashion design. After one year there   I discovered that my true vocation was the illustration so in 2009 I began my studies on illustration in the art school Arte 10 in Madrid.

Three years later I graduated with honors in my final project Seis Realidades Ilustradas.

Then I decided to move to Den Haag, Nederland, where I lived and worked as a freelance illustrator for two years. I collaborated worldwide with magazines and many companies as HBO.


Currently I live and work in a place very close to Lisbon, Sintra. A magical and inspiring place in the Portuguese coast.

My atelier is in a creative center , CasarĂ£o da Lua, where I collaborate and work in a community project with other people and artists. Check out the place


I'm always looking forward, and every few years I feel the need to change of place, of country. So I'm always ready to move and take my studio and my work with me.